Aboriginal Engagement

Catana assists proponents and communities with establishing stable and collaborative working relationships, enhancing overall project certainty and contributing to long-term project success.

Strategic Advice

Provide advice to proponents and prospective investors on a strategic approach to First Nation engagement and consultation in western Canada, including best practices in working with governments and First Nations. Provide advice on government regulatory and decision-making processes in relation to Crown consultation obligations.


Develop strategic First Nation and Stakeholder engagement plans that are in-line with project scope, and provide direct implementation support and services.


Lead negotiations of Impact Benefit Agreements (IBAs), revenue sharing arrangements and other forms of participation agreements for both site-specific and linear (corridor) projects, as well as newly proposed projects and existing project expansions.

Dispute Resolution

Negotiate resolution to litigation between First Nations and project proponents regarding project developments. Advise First Nation communities on challenges faced implementing government or private-sector agreements.